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Irma, Cindy Crawford, Juan Martin del Potro, Little Star & more from Andrea Jaeger

Picture Storylines:

1. Sending Angelic help, financial assistance & supplies to all in Hurricane Irma's path.

2. Along with the fantastic U.S. Open in NYC — Fashion Week has just started in NYC. Kaia has grown up.

Long time & still today Little Star supporters Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber with their 2 children Kaia & Presley. Children with cancer from Puerto Rico were part of a large program in Colorado many years ago. In appreciation of Little Star helping the Puerto Rico Public Hospital & U.S. Programs for children with cancer from Puerto Rico, the Puerto Rico children with cancer made Angelic Art to give as a gift. VP Heidi Bookout, Andrea Jaeger, Maja Muric & Little Star’s Ambassador to Puerto Rico, Yanaris Nieves, along with the Crawford - Gerber family were on stage at the request of the children for the special Ange Art presentation. Crowds of the other children cheered us all on as if helping bring the Angels to life for all to enjoy.

Cindy Crawford & daughter Kaia are big stars at NYC’s Fashion Week. Here they are on one of their many magazine covers. See you in October during Little Star’s Los Angeles children’s cancer programs.

3. Besides general Little Star Programs making a difference, including Outreach Support for Hurricane and Disaster Relief, Little Star Youth’s Olympic Project has the WTA support.

4. Little Star Int. Program Director, Adriana Solarova is busy getting educational supplies, desks, chairs & more to children in third world country communities. Meanwhile Adriana’s therapeutic art programs are reaching children with cancer & their families in NYC & all around the world. As are Little Star’s financial assistance, sports & educational programs.

5. Tennis fans were looking forward to a Nadal Federer semi final match up. Juan Martin del Potro from Argentina has endured 4 wrist surgeries & gives thanks to God for even being able to play tennis let alone win epic Grand Slam matches. Even during Juan Martin’s under the weather days he was very welcoming & supportive in hearing about Little Star’s Youth Olympics Project.

May Angelic help be on its way for those in the hurricane’s path & all in need. Little Star is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Your online donations at www.littlestar.org via PayPal or by any means you decide to donate can be earmarked for specific Little Star program support. Andrea Jaeger AJLittlestar@gmail.com www.littlestar.org


U.S. Open Tennis Greatness!

You may have heard of Australian Pro Player Nick Kyrgios. I had a terrific visit with Nick at the Open. Nick stepped it up with excitement, care & zest to match Simona Halep's $10,000 donation & leadership role to my Little Star Youth Olympics Project. Like me & Simona, Nick has a heart for helping children. Excited for fans to see the other sides of these gifted pro athletes. Former pro tennis stars & current heralded TV Commentators Mary Carillo & Darren Cahill gave hugs & generous donations too. We are just beginning. More players & fans are supporting us & with your help we can reach our goals of helping Young Olympians & children suffering from poverty, disease & lack of opportunity. Hope you enjoy the pictures of supporters from the U.S. Open. Off to help children with cancer in other parts of NY. Every 36 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. Busy times for all of us at Little Star. Hope you can help. Happy Labor Day to all, Andrea Jaeger




Little Star Foundation Mission: To provide a better quality of life and long term care to children with cancer and children in need with specialized Programs: Hospital and Hospice Support * Medical Care * Camp and Recreational Activities * Educational Scholarships * Financial Assistance * Outreach Programs * Therapeutic Learning Opportunities *


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